Fifth Angel

When Angels Kill




Let’s face it; when Heavy/Power Metal icons Fifth Angel unleashed their long-awaited ‘comeback’ The Third Secret (2018), many were u-nsure of what to expect. As a long-suffering enthusiast of their quasi-indescribable tonalities, the group (now led by axemaster Kendall Bechtel) appeared destined for the recognition they so rightfully deserve. However, it ’twas not to be as the frontman would unexpecte-dly depart shortly thereafter, leaving their oft-embattled future very much in doubt. Desperately clinging–metaphorically, at least–to my battle-scarred copies of Fifth Angel (1986) and Time Will Tell (1989), I quietly hoped for yet another reunion or reconfiguration. If it had happened once before, it most certainly could happen again, right? Fortunately for all parties involved, it did indeed happen again with a bloodthirsty vengeance. Now, with multi-octave frontman Steven Carlson (Color Of Chaos and the Mötley Crüe tributes (!) ‘The Crüe‘, among others) now officially and quite firmly at the helm they’ve at last unleashed their truly blistering fourth offering When Angels Kill.





Johnny Kelly

(EYE AM, Quiet Riot, ex-Type O Negative)


Amid the oft-storied histories of the Doom Metal sub-genre, few groups effectively epitomized truest essence than newly-minted ‘Super GroupEYE AM. Fueled via vocalist/guitarist Kenny Hickey (ex-Type O Negative), guitarist/vocalist Kirk Windstein (Crowbar), bassist Todd Strange (Crowbar, Down), they initially formed at the suggestion (or, depending on your point of view, at the absolute behest) of Corpse Paint Records CEO Andrew Spaulding. The resulting sonic intensities (i.e., their monstrous debut single ‘Dreams Always Die With The Sun”) was recorded, Mixed and Mastered by a ‘dream team’ tandem of woefully-underrated Less Than Jake bassist Roger Lima and the legendary Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Pearl, Steel Panther). Soon to be armed with a presumable staggering array of new material, the group appears for a truly bright future. Recently, the oft-charismatic Kelly (Quiet Riot, Silvetomb, Type O Negative) was kind enough to speak with us regarding, among many, many other things, the release of their Mike Holderbeast (Cement Level Studios, Housecore)-led video.