Expedition One




I’ll be the first to admit that when I became ‘indoctrinated’ with the Melodic Power Metal genre, I initially found myself embracing what I’d felt were then the most obvious of options (i.e., Kamelot, Stratovarius, Rhapsody). Although such a cross-section certainly allowed me to embark on a novitiate exploration, it prevented me from experiencing everything it had to offer. You can only imagine my delight upon discovering Stockholm, Sweden-born masters Metalite (courtesy of their Emma Bensing-fueled Heroes In Time, 2017). Armed with a seemingly insatiable penchant for combining equal elements of Electronica and Fantasy amid a modern Power Metal framework, their future appeared all too bright as they quickly morphed into a well-oiled musical unit. Now being led by multi-octave vocalist Erica Ohlsson (the Mortemia gem ‘Lost Horizon’), the unnervingly prolific quintet at long last appears destined for greatness (or, at the very least, an increased global footprint) with the highly-anticipated release of their fourth full-length ‘ansträngning’ Expedition One (2024).





Pete Evik

(Brett Michaels, MTV Famous)


Ask any genuine and sincere Hair and/or Glam Metal enthusiast and they’ll almost assuredly speak of their ‘unwavering’ admiration of improbably long-running Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-born masters Poison. Originally comprised of vocalist/guitarist Bret Michaels, guitarist Matt Smith, bassist Bobby Dall and drummer Rikki Rockett, the group would ultimately add lead guitarist C.C. DeVille as a permanent member following the departure of Smith. Issuing a series of Gold and Platinum selling efforts (most notably Open Up And Say…Ahh!, 1988 Flesh & Blood, 1990), the group enjoyed a meteoric rise to international acclaim. Now, nearly forty years (!) later, with the group largely dormant, the oft-charismatic Michaels has embraced a solo career, with guitarist Pete Evick also serving as musical director. Recently, the delightfully outspoken Evick, always a man of many words and interesting stories, was kind enough to speak w-ith us regarding the health-related rigors of touring and choosing a setlist as well as the release of his latest book MTV Famous (2023).