Ari Stidham - (Glee, Scorpion)

Britny Fox - (Billy Childs)

Bulletboys - (Marq Torien)

Devil City Angels - (Rikki Rockett)

Devin Townsend - (ex-Strapping Young Lad, Vai)

Dilana Robichaux - (ex-L.A. Guns, Rockstar Supernova)

Ethan Brosh - (ex-Angels Of Babylon, Michael Sweet)

Extreme - (Gary Cherone)

Graham Bonnet - (ex-Alcatrazz, Michael Schenker Group, Rainbow)

Hank3 - (Arson Anthem, ex-Superjoint Ritual)

Jason McMaster - (Dangerous Toys, ex-Watchtower)

Little Caesar - (Ron Young)

Mark Slaughter - (Slaughter, ex-Vinnie Vincent Invasion)

Michael Sweet - (Stryper)

Mick Wall - (Kerrang!, Classic Rock)

Monster Magnet - (Dave Wyndorf)

Operation: Mindcrime - (Geoff Tate)

Papa Roach - (Tobin Esperance)

Ron Keel - (Keel, ex-Steeler)

The Winery Dogs - (Richie Kotzen)

The Winery Dogs - (Mike Portnoy)

Timothy Gaines - (ex-Stryper)

Tina Alexis Allen - (Outsiders)

Tom Keifer - (Cinderella)

Ugly Kid Joe - (Whitfield Crane)

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