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Death Angel

Death Angel 'The Evil Divide'

I'll be the first to openly admit my appreciation for truly 'Old School' Metal. It's a fact I've documented during my many psuedo-careers. Among the artists and groups I have most often bestowed my praises upon is Bay Area Thrash Metal goliaths Death Angel. Having carefully followed the group's oft-storied career from it's obscure origins to the current post-'the reformation' ghurries, I have devoted countless months to following their auditory exploits. Accordingly, as both a journalist and a devout fan, you can imagine my excitement with The Evil Divide, the group's latest and truly greatest bene-faction yet.Read More


Filter 'Crazy Eyes'

When Ohio-born Industrial Rock 'herculean' Filter conveyed Short Bus in 1995, the future appeared impossibly bright for often charismatic founder Richard Patrick. However, following the release of The Amalgamut in 2002, the group soon became inoperative when Patrick joined forces with Stone Temple Pilots diplomates Dean and Robert DeLeo in the 're-convergence' Army Of Anyone. Fortunately, the group would continue to effloresce via The Sun Comes Out Tonight (2013), ultimately paving the way for the mighty Crazy Eyes (2016), the group's most potent and thoroughly memorable effort to date.Read More


Sixx:A.M. 'Prayers For The Damned, Vol. 1'

When musicians from established acts join forces, the 'results' often leave many fans truly unsatisfied. While I'll be the first to admit my fascination with Army Of Anyone and The Damned Things, the list of high-profile failures invariably surrounds us all. Not surprisingly, at the epicenter of each group's demise is an overall lack of 'chemistries'. Fortunately for everyone involved, this is absolutely not the case with the mighty Prayers For The Damned, Vol. 1 (2016), the latest oft-distinguished offering from the James Michael, DJ Ashba and Nikki Sixx-fueled sonic amalgamation that is best known as Sixx:A.M.Read More

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Last In Line

Last In Line

Let's face it; when iconic former Black Sabbath frontman Ronnie James Dio released what would ultimately become his final solo effort, the essences of the group's tonalities had been forever lost. Needless to say, when guitarist Vivian Campbell, 'the late' Jimmy Bain and drummer Vinny Appice reconvened in 2012, it ultimately led to the release of their debut Heavy Crown in 2016. Recently, Campbell was kind enough to speak with us regarding, among many other things, the group's oft-tenuous post-Bain future.Read More

Tina Alexis Allen

Tina Alexis Allen

When Outsiders debuted in January of 2016, I didn't know what to expect from the Appalachian action and adventure drama. A hybrid of Justified and Sons Of Anarchy, the series focuses on the group of 'mountain folk' known as the Farrell clan. Paranoid about outsiders as the mountain they control is coveted by a national mining firm, the clan finds itself at odds with surrounding residents. Recently, acclaimed actress, Tina Alexis Allen was kind enough to speak with us regarding her guise as the oft-emotional Shurn.Read More

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Accept 'Balls To The Wall'

Just when it seemed my increasingly-damaged psyche had been graced with every noteworthy variation of the 'tried and true' Vinyl Re-Issue formulation, a release that actually piques my interest emerges. My ongoing obsessions with the deftly-executed the Black Crowes and Unisonic deluxe vinyl treatments not withstanding, the impacts of such artists have typically fallen well short of their expectation(s). Not surprisingly, you can only imagine our true satisfaction with the Back On Black Records re-issue of the classic Accept tour de force Balls To The Wall.Read More


Krokus 'One Vice At A Time'

As a disturbingly dedicated fan of Hard Rock icons Krokus, I devoted hours of my misspent youth and early adulthood to the collecting of the improbably long-running group's occasionally hairspray -encrusted efforts. Among the 'legacy' releases I was fortunate to obtain was the oft-mighty One Vice At A Time (1982). 'Jam-packed' with the soon-to-be fan/crowd favorites “Long Stick Goes Boom”, “Bad Boys, Rag Dolls” and an unorthodox re-imagination of the Guess Who war horse “American Woman”, the group rose to the heights of international recognition.Read More





Let's face it folks; when the 'typically tumultuous' realms best known as the Heavy Metal and the Sci-Fi genre(s) collide, the cumulative end results are often highly disastrous. Even with the presence of full-fledged classics such as the Fear Factory debut Soul Of A New Machine, the vast majority of listeners remained unimpressed. As a result, you can only imagine our level of genuine and sincere excitement with Orlando, Florida-born quintet Exotype and their indescribably stunning full-length release.Hear More

Maxxxwell Carlisle

Maxxxwell Carlisle

I'll be the the first to admit my life-long affliction for shred guitarists. Although the collective catalogs of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai had once left me fully satisfied, I did ultimately find myself in search of something different. That's when I was introduced to Maxxxwell Carlisle. Since that moment, I have been an oft-dedicated purveyor of his distinctive tonalities in groups as diverse as former Anthrax front man Neil Turbin's ever-morphing Thrash Metal venture Deathriders and the now re-activated Hellion.Hear More




Hellyeah 'Undeniable'

Sick and tired of never winning merch from your favorite artists and groups? Click here to enter our 'W.I.B.Y.C.B.I' Hellyeah Unden!able CD Giveaway! The highly-anticipated follow-up to the ingenious Blood For Blood (2014), Unden!able brilliantly showcases the Nothingface, Mudvayne and Pantera-fueled Super Group flexing their creative muscles. Embarking on a new chapter within their already notoriously storied career(s), Hellyeah now appears to be on the cusp of what will assuredly be a truly enduring continuation of their successes.Read More

Wolf Hoffmann

Wolf Hoffmann 'Headbangers Symphony'

Sick and tired of never winning merch from your favorite artists and groups? Click here to enter our exclusive Wolf Hoffmann Headbangers Symphony CD Giveaway! Deftly chronicling his already oft-documented afflictions for the Classical genre (i.e. Metal Heart), Headbangers Symphony finds Hoffmann 're-interpreting' eleven bona fide Classical masterpieces. An absolute must-have for any genuine and sincere Accept (or, for that matter, Heavy Metal guitar) enthusiast, the oft-mighty Headbangers Symphony is possibly as good as it will get. Read More



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