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Ayreon '01011001'

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1. Age Of Shadows (Incl. We Are Forever)10:48
2. Comatose4:27
3. Liquid Eternity8:10
4. Connect The Dots4:13
5. Beneath The Waves8:27
Beneath The Waves
Face The Facts
But A Memory...
World Without Walls
Reality Bleeds
6. Newborn Race7:50
The Incentive
The Vision
The Procedure
Another Life
Newborn Race
The Conclusion
7. Ride The Comet3:29
8. Web Of Lies2:50
9. The Fifth Extinction10:30
Glimmer Of Hope
World Of Tomorrow Dreams
Collision Course
From The Ashes
Glimmer Of Hope (reprise)
10. Waking Dreams6:32
11. The Truth Is In Here5:12
13. Unnatural Selection7:16
14. River Of Time4:25
15. E=MC²5:50
16. The Sixth Extinction12:19
Echoes On The Wind
Radioactive Grave
To The Planet Of Red
Spirit On The Win
Complete The Circle

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