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Puppet Master Remastered DVD Box Set

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Films include Puppet Master starring Paul Le Mat and William Hickey; Puppet Master II; Puppet Master III; Puppet Master 4; Puppet Master 5; Curse of the Puppet Master; and Retro Puppet Master; plus a 45 title trailer reel: 10 Years of Madness; Arcade; Oblivion 2; Bad Channels; Blood Dolls; Castle Freak; Crash & Burn; The Creeps; Curse of the Puppet Master; Demonic Toys; Doctor Mordrid; Dollman; Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys; Head of the Family; Hideous; Invisible; Lurking Fear; Mandroid; Meridian; Netherworld; Oblivion; The Pit and The Pendulum; Puppet Master; Puppet Master II; Puppet Master III; Puppet Master IV; Puppet Master V; Retro Puppet Master; Robot Wars; Seed People; Shadow Zone; Shrieker; Shrunken Heads; Subspecies: The Awakening; Subspecies II: Bloodstone; Subspecies III: Bloodlust; Subspecies IV: Bloodstorm; Talisman; Totem; Trancers II; Trancers III; Trancers IV: Jack of Swords; Trancers V: Sudden Deth; Vampire Journals; and Witchouse.
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