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Burn The Priest (Lamb Of God) 'Inherit The Earth'/'In the Meantime' (7")
Untitled Document
1.Inherit The Earth 
2.In The Meantime
Decree 'Fateless'
Untitled Document
1.Finite Years 
3.The Prey 
4.The World Enslaves 
6.Night And Fog 
7.Into The Light 
9.Faded Glory
Freaks Of Nature 'Freaks Of Nature' (7" Single)
Untitled Document
1.Key To Your Heart 
2.Cryin' Shame 
3.That's Alright 
4.Keep Dreamin'
Golden Earring 'Say When'/'Back Home' (7" Gold Single)
Untitled Document
1.Say When 
2.Back Home (Re-Mastered 2020)
LL Cool J 'Take It Off/Back Where I Belong' (12" Single)
Untitled Document
1.Take It Off (Radio Edit)
2.Take It Off (LP Version)
3.Take It Off (Instrumental)
4.Back Where I Belong (Radio Edit) (Featuring Ja Rule)
5.Back Where I Belong (LP Version) (Featuring Ja Rule)
6.Back Where I Belong (Instrumental)
Michael Angelo Batio 'More Machine Than Man' (Collector's Edition. White Vinyl + Download Card)
Untitled Document
1.Laser Guided 
2.The Badlands 
3.Put All Fear Aside 
4.More Machine Than Man 
5.Dreamin' Of 1986 
6.Beyond The Outer Limits 
7.The Two Sirens 
9.The Countdown Is On 
10.Rhythm Reprise (I Pray The Lord) 
11.21st Century Beck (Bonus Track) 
12.Charlie Went To Chicago (Bonus Track) 
13No Breakup Plan (Bonus Track)
Midnight Masses 'Depatures' (CD/LP Bundle)
Untitled Document
1.Golden Age
2.Am I A Nomad?
3.All Goes Black
4.Broken Mirror
6.Clap Your Hands
7.Everywhere Is NowHere
8.If I Knew
9.Hollywood Death Forever
10.Be Still
11.There Goes Our Man
Midnight Masses 'Rapture Ready, I Gazed At The Body' (EP)
Untitled Document
1.Walk On Water
2.Preachers Son
3.I Was A Desperate Man
4.Do You Believe In Rapture?
Stars In Stereo 'Leave Your Mark' (+ Download Card)
Untitled Document
1.Not A Shot
3.Leave Your Mark
4.Fair-Weathered Friend
6.I Can't
7.Bed Of Thorns
9.Wasted (Until I'M Gone)
10.Turn Me
11.Fall Forward
Team Spirit 'Killing Time'
Untitled Document
3.Teenage Heart
4.Cool Guy
5.Different Changes
7.Think It's You
8.New Years Resolution
9.King Bruce
10.Untitled (Give Me That Feeling)
The Motives 'This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping'
Untitled Document
3.Carry The Weight 
4.Golden Calf 
5.Wolf’s Den 
6.Makeshift Homes 
7.I Hardly Spoke A Word 
8.Forest Of Daggers 
9.One A Hilltop, Past A Valley 
While She Sleeps 'So What?'
Untitled Document
2.I've Seen It All 
4.So What? 
5.The Guilty Party 
6.Haunt Me 
8.Set You Free 
9.Good Grief 
10.Back Of My Mind 
11.Gates Of Paradise
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