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Arkaea 'Years In The Darkness' (2XLP)
Untitled Document
2.Beneath The Shades Of Grey 
3.Years In The Darkness 
4.Gone Tomorrow 
6.Black Ocean 
7.Break The Silence 
8.Lucid Dream 
9.My Redemption 
10.War Within 
11.The World As One 
12.Rise Today 
13.Away From The Sun
Decree 'Fateless'
Untitled Document
1.Finite Years 
3.The Prey 
4.The World Enslaves 
6.Night And Fog 
7.Into The Light 
9.Faded Glory
Descender/Here Holy Spain 'Under The Undertow / Slow & Gold' (Split)
Untitled Document
1,Here Holy SpainWay Out One In Five
2.Here Holy SpainGolden Gun
3.Here Holy SpainHundreds Of Heads Underwater
4.Here Holy SpainDrive Out West
5.Here Holy SpainEven The Bright Ones Burn Ou
6.DescenderSilver Lightning
7.DescenderThe Language
8.DescenderSpinning On The Surface
9.DescenderSlow And Gold
10.DescenderI Will Help You Find The Darkness
Frozen II Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Untitled Document
  1. All Is Found - Evan Rachel Wood
  2. Some Things Never Change - Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff And The Cast Of Frozen II
  3. Into The Unknown - Idina Menzel & Aurora
  4. When I Am Older - Josh Gad
  5. Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Cont.) - Jonathan Groff
  6. Lost In The Woods - Jonathan Groff
  7. Show Yourself - Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood
  8. The Next Right Thing - Kristen Bell
Ghost 'Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic' (7")
Untitled Document
1.Kiss The Go-Goat
2.Mary On A Cross
Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help 'Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help'
Untitled Document
1.Bleecker And Third
2.The Days To Come
3.Comfort Zone
4.Pony Express
5.Third Act
6.Let The Kid Come Out
7.Keira Knightly
8.When Night Falls
11.Return Of The Wild One
Golden Earring 'Say When'/'Back Home' (7" Gold Single)
Untitled Document
1.Say When 
2.Back Home (Re-Mastered 2020)
Reduced Price
High Ends 'Super Glass'
Untitled Document
2.The Weight 
4.I'm Gonna Keep On Dancing 
6.The Believer 
7.River Cruise 
8.Ocean Song 
10.Working Man's Blues
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness 'I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness' (12") (EP)
Untitled Document
1.We're Still The Weaker Sex 
2.The Less You See 
3.I Want To Die In The Hot Summer 
4.When You Go Out 
5.Your Worst Is The Best 

Knockout Kid 'Maniac'
Untitled Document
1.Stay Lit 
2.Going, Going, Gone 
3.What You're Afraid To Say 
4.Empire Business 
5.Jurassic Park After Dark (Featuring Trey Sexton) 
6.Handbook for the Recently Deceased 
7.Atlas Absolved 
8.No Words 
9.Legend of the Bare Knuckle Bronson 
10.Redwood Original 
11.House on a Hill 
12.Knife Fight In A Phone Booth 
13.Weight (Unreleased Bonus Song)
LL Cool J 'Take It Off/Back Where I Belong' (12" Single)
Untitled Document
1.Take It Off (Radio Edit)
2.Take It Off (LP Version)
3.Take It Off (Instrumental)
4.Back Where I Belong (Radio Edit) (Featuring Ja Rule)
5.Back Where I Belong (LP Version) (Featuring Ja Rule)
6.Back Where I Belong (Instrumental)
Mark Deutrom 'Value Of Decay' (2XLP)
Untitled Document
1.From The Deepest Well 
3.Au Printemps 
4.Love Story Pt. 1 
5.Making A Killing 
6.Love Story Pt. 2 
7.Buried In The Jewel 
8.Victor's Closet 
9.Love Story Pt. 3 
10.Cities Of Gold 
11.Blood Fairies 
12.Perish The Thought 
14.Love Story Pt. 4 
15.Empire Sands
Michael Angelo Batio 'More Machine Than Man' (Still Sealed Test Pressing + Autographed Cover Art)
Untitled Document
1.Laser Guided 
2.The Badlands 
3.Put All Fear Aside 
4.More Machine Than Man 
5.Dreamin' Of 1986 
6.Beyond The Outer Limits 
7.The Two Sirens 
9.The Countdown Is On 
10.Rhythm Reprise (I Pray The Lord) 
11.21st Century Beck (Bonus Track) 
12.Charlie Went To Chicago (Bonus Track) 
13No Breakup Plan (Bonus Track)
Limited To Five individually Numbered Copies.
Midnight Masses 'Depatures' (CD/LP Bundle)
Untitled Document
1.Golden Age
2.Am I A Nomad?
3.All Goes Black
4.Broken Mirror
6.Clap Your Hands
7.Everywhere Is NowHere
8.If I Knew
9.Hollywood Death Forever
10.Be Still
11.There Goes Our Man
Reduced Price
Midnight Masses 'Rapture Ready, I Gazed At The Body' (EP)
Untitled Document
1.Walk On Water
2.Preachers Son
3.I Was A Desperate Man
4.Do You Believe In Rapture?
Motives 'This World, Not Dead, Merely Sleeping'
Untitled Document
3.Carry The Weight 
4.Golden Calf 
5.Wolf’s Den 
6.Makeshift Homes 
7.I Hardly Spoke A Word 
8.Forest Of Daggers 
9.One A Hilltop, Past A Valley 
Nine Shrines 'Retribution Therapy' (180 Gram Red Vinyl + Download Card)
Untitled Document
2.Retribution Therapy
3.Chain Reaction
5.Happy Happy
9.Pretty Little Pyscho
11.Sick Like Me
Posehn 'Grandpa Metal' (7")
Untitled Document
1.Intro To Satan
Written-By – Brian Posehn
2.Satan's Kind Of A Dick
Lyrics By – Brian Posehn
Music By – Scott Ian
3.Scary Nightmare
Written-By – Brian Posehn
4.One Quarter Viking, Three Quarter's Pussy
Lyrics By – Brian Posehn
Music By – Scott Ian
5.Big Fat Rock
Lyrics By – Brian Posehn
Lyrics By, Music By – Joe Trohman
6.My Phone Call With Weird Al
Written-By – Brian Posehn
7.Take On Me
Arranged By – Brendon Small
8.Grandpa Metal
Lyrics By – Brian Posehn
Music By – Scott Ian
9.New Music Sucks
Lyrics By – Brian Posehn
Music By – Brendon SmallScott Ian
10.New Music Sucks Reprise
Lyrics By – Brian Posehn
Music By – Joe Trohman
11.Goblin Love
Lyrics By – Brian Posehn
Music By – Scott Ian
12.Monster Mosh
Lyrics By – Brian Posehn
Music By – Joe Trohman
13.The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)  
14.Super Secret Track
Written-By – Brian Posehn
Reduced Price
Poured Out '...To The Point Of Death'
2.Enslavement To The Substance
3.Silhouette Of Grief
4.Apathy | Nothing
8....and Gnashing Of Teeth
9.Remember Me
10.Fear Tactics
11.Humankind Suicide
12.To The Point Of Death
13.Victim Of My Own Hate
Red Red Eyes 'Horology' (Import)
Untitled Document
1.Empty Land
3.Low Light
5.In Between Birds And Wine
7.The Watch Ticks On
9.Heart In Your Mouth
Rudy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Untitled Document
1.Main Title 
2.A Start 
4.Back On The Field 
5.To Notre Dame 
7.The Key 
8.Take Us Out 
9.The Plaque 
10.The Final Game
Reduced Price
Rust Dust 'Diviners And Shivs'
Untitled Document
1.How Sweet The Sound
2.Side Of The Road Blues
3.Nothing Hurts Worse
4.Blackberry Nightmare
5.Lungs / Modern Times / Everything Got Softer
6.Strange Cake
7.Heaven To Hell
8.Just Can't Keep From Crying
9.Coming And Going
10.Diviners And Shivs
11.Down In The Valley
12.Wayfaring Stranger
13.Amazing Grace

Sergeant Steel 'Best Of'
Untitled Document
1.Cry Out Your Heart, Baby
2.Dirty Habits
3.Happy Time (Love On Demand)
4.Where My Heart Is (Orchestra Version)
5.Chasing Love
6.Hot Widow
7.Mama Horny
8.Young And Hungry
9.Hammer Of Love
10.Give Me A Call
Stars In Stereo 'Leave Your Mark' (+ Download Card)
Untitled Document
1.Not A Shot
3.Leave Your Mark
4.Fair-Weathered Friend
6.I Can't
7.Bed Of Thorns
9.Wasted (Until I'M Gone)
10.Turn Me
11.Fall Forward
Steve Martin & Edie Brickell 'So Familiar' (+ Download Card)
Untitled Document
1.So Familiar 
2.Always Will 
3.Way Back In The Day 
4.Won't Go Back 
5.I'm By Your Side 
6.I Had A Vision 
7.I Have You 
8.Another Round 
9.Mine All Mine 
10.Heart Of The Dreamer 
11.My Baby 
Strange Wilds ‎'Subjective Concepts' (+ Download Card)
1.Pronoia 2.Starved For 3.Autothysis 4.Don't Have To 5.Egophillia 6.Oneirophobe 7.Disdain 8.Pareidolia 9.
Sundials 'Kick' (EP) (10")
Untitled Document
3.Gained A Grip
4.Stun Spore
Switch Opens 'Switch Opens'
Untitled Document
1.Express Death
3.Paper Walls
4.He Dives Down
5.Terra Incognita
6.Lucky Me Lucky You
7.Super Globe Of Pain
8.The Electric Hour
Søren Juul 'This Moment'
Untitled Document
2.Dear Child
4.Don't Want To Fool You
5.Epic Moon
6.Manly Beach
8.Pushing Me Away
10.This Moment

Teenage Time Killers ‎'Greatest Hits, Vol. 1' (2XLP/CD)
Untitled Document
2.Crowned By The Light Of The Sun
3.Hung Out To Dry
4.Power Outage
5.Ode To Sean Hannity
7.The Dead Hand
9.Plank Walk
10.Time To Die
11.Days Of Degradation
13.Big Money
14.Devil In This House
15.Say Goodnight To The Acolyte
16.Ignorant People
17.Son Of An Immigrant
18.Your Empty Soul
19.Bleeding To Death
20.Teenage Time Killer
22.Crowned By The Light Of The Sun
23.Hung Out To Dry
24.Power Outage
25.Ode To Sean Hannity
27.The Dead Hand
29.Plank Walk
30.Time To Die
31.Days Of Degradation
33.Big Money
34.Devil In His House
35.Say Goodnight To The Acolyte
36.Ignorant People
37.Son Of An Immigrant
38.Your Empty Soul
39.Beading To Death
40.Teenage Time Killer
Reduced Price
The Alarm 'Where The Two Rivers Meet'
Untitled Document
Electric Side
1.Two Rivers
3.Blood Red Viral Black
4.The White Count
Acoustic Side
1.Thirteen Dead Reindeers
2.Armageddon In The Morning
3.Crowd Trouble
4.Year One
Reduced Price
The Flatliners 'Cavalcade Demos (OD Series)' (7")
Untitled Document
1.Bleed (Demo)
2.He Was A Jazzzman (Demo)
The Hives 'I'm Alive/Good Samaritan' (7")
Untitled Document
1.I'm Alive 
2.Good Samaritan
The Small Faces 'Itchycoo Park/I'm Only Dreaming' (7")
Untitled Document
1.Itchycoo Park
2.I'm Only Dreaming
Vivisick 'Nuked Identity'
Untitled Document
1.シュールリアルリズム (Surreal Rhythm)
2.反抗とは創造なり (Rebel Is Creation)
3.万華の様相 (Kaleidoscope)
4.曖昧ミー (Vague Of Me)
5.ピーターパン症候群の憂鬱 (Peter Pan Syndrome Melancholy)
6.にぎらされ (Why Must I Grab My Penis?)
7.イデオロイデオロヒエラルヒラルヒ (Ideoloideolo-Hierarchieraruhi)
8.断ち切られた蜘蛛の糸 (The Spider’s Thread That Has Been Cut Off)
9.アジアイズバーニング (Asia Is Burning)
10.根なしの愛国 (Rootless Patriotism)
Zac Brown Band 'The Owl'
Untitled Document
1.The Woods
2.Need This
4.Someone I Used To Know
5.Me And The Boys In The Band
6.Finish What We Started (Featuring Brandi Carlile)
7.God Given
9.Shoofly Pie
10.Already On Fire
11.Leaving Love Behind
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