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Against The Grain 'Cheated Death'
Untitled Document
1.Cheated Death 
2.Full Of Smoke 
4.No Sleep 
5.Last Chance 
6.Devils And Angels 
7.High Heeled Woman 
8.Rolling Stone 
9.Enough's Not Enough 
10.Going Down Fast 
11.Jaded And Faded 
12.Into The Light
Airfix Kits 'Flex Time' (7")
AFlex Time
B180s Aesthetic
B221 Hot Knives
Call Of The Void ‎'A.Y.F.K.M.' (Etched Purple Vinyl)
Untitled Document
1.Get In The Van 
2.Are You Fucking Kidding Me 
3.Throwing Bullets 
4.On And On 
5.Never Enough
Choir Vandals 'At Night' (7")
B1At Night And In The Rain
Danny Worsnop 'The Long Road Home' (Signed LP)
1. Prozac
2. Mexico
3. I Feel Like Shit
4. Anyone But Me
5. High
6. I Got Bones
7. Quite A While
8. Don't Overdrink It
9. I'll Hold On
10. Midnight Woman
11. Same Old Ending
12. The Man
Dennis DeYoung '26 East, Vol. I'
Untitled Document
1.East Of Midnight
2.With All Due Respect
3.A Kingdom Abalze
4.You My Love
5.Run For The Roses
6.Damn That Dream
8.The Promise Of This Land
9.To The Good Old Days
10.A.D. 2020
Emperor 'Reverence' (Transparent Blue 7")
Untitled Document
1.The Loss And Curse Of Reverence (Video/Chaos Mix)
2.In Longing Spirit
Fight The Fight 'Fight The Fight'
1.Fight The Fight
2.The Edge
3.The Other Side
4.Perfect Combination
6.This Is War
7.My Emperor
8.Patient Zero
Fire From The Gods 'American Sun'
1.Truth To The Weak (Not Built To Collapse)
2.Right Now
3.American Sun
5.They Don't Like It (Featuring Sonny Sandoval)
6.Fight The World
8.Make You Feel It
9.Survivor’s Prayer Interlude
10.All My Heroes Are Dead
11.Out Of Time
12.Another Level
13.Break The Cycle
Future Binds 'Future Binds' (7")
Social Cancer
No Reason
One Less
George Thorogood 'Bad To The Bone'
Untitled Document
1.Back To Wentzville 
2.Blue Highway 
3.Nobody But Me 
4.It's A Sin 
5.New Boogie Chillun 
6.Bad To The Bone 
7.Miss Luann 
8.As The Years Go Passing By 
9.No Particular Place To Go 
10.Wanted Man
George Thorogood 'Born To Be Bad'
Untitled Document
1.Shake Your Moneymaker 
2.You Talk Too Much 
3.Highway 49 
4.Born To Be Bad 
5.You Can't Catch Me 
6.I'm Ready 
7.Treat Her Right 
8.I Really Like Girl 
9.Smokestack Lightning 
10.I'm Movin On
Green Dreams 'Rich Man, Poor Man' (7")
Rich Man
Poor Man
Country Mouse
Eye Contact
Guns N' Roses 'Shadow Of Your Love'/'Move To The City' (Red 7")
Untitled Document
1.Shadow Of Your Love 
2.Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)
House Of Wax 'No. 1' Comic Book + 7” Vinyl + Digital Download Card
Untitled Document

Waxwork Comics is excited to release their debut comic book series, HOUSE OF WAXWORK. Featuring all new content from contemporary writers, illustrators, and composers, HOUSE OF WAXWORK is a rousing horror-anthology series packed with macabre tales of ghouls, ghosts, witchcraft, the occult, the living dead, revenge, and so much more. Readers will meet original and inventive characters such as The Die-Rector and The De-Composer, and will be fully immersed in the terrifying, original soundtrack music featured on the companion 7” colored vinyl that comes with each issue.

In the debut release of HOUSE OF WAXWORK Issue #1, readers will be discover what happens to an unsuspecting vacationing family when a cursed board game thrusts them into an actual fight for survival in Occult Slumber Party, penned by Gabe Soria (Batman ’66) and with music by Douglas Pipes (Krampus, Trick ‘r Treat).

Also featured in Issue #1, Lighthouse Keeper will blur the lines between reality, the supernatural, and vengeance, culminating with a horrific twist. Written by Kevin Bergeron and with music by Creeper.

“House of Waxwork provides the throwback pleasures to a time when horror reveled in the grotesqueries of the dime store pulps, and your imagination did the rest. Just don’t feed these books and records after midnight.” - The A.V. Club

  • All New 32 Page Horror-Anthology Comic Book
  • Featuring the stories: Occult Slumber Party and Lighthouse Keeper
  • Cover Art By Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative
  • All Original Music by Rami Sharkey, Kevin Dredge, The Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, Douglas Pipes, and Creeper
  • Featuring Gabe Soria, Christian DiBari, Mike Spicer, Kevin Bergeron, Jonas Scharf, Jordan Boyd, Marc Shoenbach, Gary Pullin
  • "Lighthouse Keeper" Ocean Blue and Aqua Splatter 7” Soundtrack Vinyl
House Of Wax 'No. 2' Comic Book + 7” Vinyl + Digital Download Card
Untitled DocumentWaxwork Records is thrilled to release the second issue of their hit comic book series, HOUSE OF WAXWORK. Featuring all new and original content from contemporary writers, illustrators, and composers, HOUSE OF WAXWORK is a rousing horror-anthology comic book series packed with macabre tales of ghouls, ghosts, witchcraft, the occult, the living dead, revenge, and so much more.

In the highly anticipated Issue 2 of HOUSE OF WAXWORK, readers will travel back in time to a 1940’s traveling carnival where the oddities and curiosities discovered there are of no comparison to the insatiable hunger of the hidden creature known as the Nowhere Wolf. Penned by Donny Cates (Marvel’s Thanos, Doctor Strange, God Country) and featuring music by Sean Yseult (White Zombie).

Also featured in Issue 2, the Time Capsule will thrust readers into a full scale zombie apocalypse. When a nerve agent is suddenly released during a ceremonious town gathering, all hell breaks loose, leaving only two lucky souls unaffected by the noxious and deadly gas. A fireman and the local gun shop owner’s daughter. Can they survive the night, and possibly even reverse the horrific effects of the nerve gas that has turned their neighbors and loved ones into blood thirsty, undead ghouls? Penned by Rami Sharkey and featuring music by Douglas Pipes (Trick ‘r Treat, Krampus).

  • All New 32 Page Horror-Anthology Comic Book, 7” vinyl soundtrack, and Digital Download Card
  • Featuring stories: Nowhere Wolf and Time Capsule
  • Cover Art By Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative
  • All Original Music By Rami Sharkey, Kevin Dredge, The Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, Sean Yseult, and Douglas Pipes
  • Nowhere Wolf variant on Clear with Blood Puddle 7” Soundtrack Vinyl
  • Time Capsule variant on Toxic Zombie Purple with Green Gas 7” Soundtrack Vinyl
  • Featuring Jonas Scharf, Donny Cates, Marty Davis, Rachel Deering, Rami Sharkey, Christian DiBari, Mike Spicer, Shawn Lee, Marc Schoenbach, Jacob Semaan, Matt Krotzer, and Gary Pullin
Jordan Rudess 'Wired For Madness' (2XLP + Download Card)
Untitled Document1. Wired For Madness – Part 1
2. Wired For Madness – Part 2
3. Off The Ground
4. Drop Twist
5. Perpetual Shine
6. Just Can’t Win
7. Just For Today
8. Why I Dream
Kam Lee 'Massacred' (EP)
Untitled Document
1.Aggressive Tyrant
2.Clangor Of War
3.Infestation Of Death
4.Perpetual Domination
Krokus 'One Vice At A Time'
Untitled Document
1.Long Stick Goes Boom 
2.Bad Boys Rag Dolls 
3.Playin' The Outlaw 
4.Save Me 
5.Down The Drain 
6.American Women 
7.I'm On The Run 
8.To The Top 
9.Rock 'N' Roll
Life Trap 'Solitary Confinement' (7")
A1Not Like You 
A3Solitary Confinement 
A4Too Young To Die? 
B2No Excuse 
B3Reckless Abandonment 
Lizzies 'Good Times'
Untitled Document
2.666 Miles
4.Mirror Maze
5.Night In Tokyo
6.Speed On The Road
7.One Night Woman
8.Russian Roulette
Materdea 'Pyaneta'

1. Back To Earth

2. The Return Of The King

3. One Thousand And One Nights

4. Pyaneta

5. Neverland

6. S' Accabadora

7. The Legend Of The Pale Mountains

8. Legacy Of The Woods

9. Coven Of Balzaares

10. Metamorphosis

11. Bourrè Del Diavolo

Michael Angelo Batio 'More Machine Than Man' (Collector's Edition. White Vinyl + Download Card)
Untitled Document
1.Laser Guided 
2.The Badlands 
3.Put All Fear Aside 
4.More Machine Than Man 
5.Dreamin' Of 1986 
6.Beyond The Outer Limits 
7.The Two Sirens 
9.The Countdown Is On 
10.Rhythm Reprise (I Pray The Lord) 
11.21st Century Beck (Bonus Track) 
12.Charlie Went To Chicago (Bonus Track) 
13No Breakup Plan (Bonus Track)
Misfits 'Land Of The Dead'
Untitled Document
1.Land Of The Dead 
2.Twilight Of The Dead
Misfits 'Twilight Of The Dead'
Untitled Document
1.Twilight Of The Dead 
2.Land Of The Dead
Moloken 'All Is Left To See'

1. Subliminal Hymns

2. All Is Left To See

3. I Can't Hear You

4. Burst

5. Seventh Circle

6. Wreckage

7. I Dig Deeper

8. Beginning Of The End

National Suicide 'Massacre Elite'
Untitled Document
1.Death Roll 
2.I’m Not A Zombie (Anymore) 
3.Massacre Elite 
4.Old, White And Italian 
6.Trouble Ahead 
7.Take Me To The Dive Bar 
8.Unfit For The Army 
9.What D’You Mean By Metal?
Nitro 'O.F.R.' (Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Silver/Red)
Untitled Document

1. Freight Train 3:55

2. Double Trouble 3:55

3. Machine Gun Eddie 6:48

4. Long Way from Home 5:29

5. Bring It Down 3:11

6. Nasty Reputation 4:45

7. Fighting Mad 3:45

8. Shot Heard 'Round the World 4:07

9. O.F.R. 5:06

Ourlives 'Den Of Lions'
Untitled Document
1.Blissful Ignorance
2.Out Of Place
3.Blurry Eyes
5.Anything Can Happen Now
6.A Sight To See
7.Seven Ways
8.Loose Lips
9.We Lost The Race
10.Too Much
12.Where Is The Way
Paul Gilbert 'Behold Electric Guitar' (2XLP + Download Card)
Untitled Document
1.Havin' It 
2.I Own A Building 
3.Everywhere That Mary went 
4.Love Is The Saddest Thing 
5.Sir, You Need To Calm Down 


Let That Battery Die 
7.Blues For Rabbit 
8.Every Snare Drum 
9.A Snake Just Bit My Toe 


I Love My Lawnmower 
11.A Herd Of Turtles 
12.Things Can Walk To You
Pelican 'The Cliff' (EP)
Untitled Document
1.The Cliff (Vocal Version)
2.The Cliff (Justin Broadrick Remix)
3.The Cliff (Palms Remix - A. Harris And B. C. Meyer)
4.The Wait
Pesadilla Distopika 'No Hay Ninguna Manera De Eskapar' (7")
A1Buskando Entre El Kaos
A2Yo No Sé / No Me Importa
A3Sistema Cobardes
B1Nací y Morí
B2La Muerta Me Agarra
B3Pesadilla Distopika
Poser 'No. 2' Comic Book + 7” Vinyl
Untitled Document
Waxwork Comics is thrilled to present the second installment in the ongoing punk rock slasher-horror comic book series, POSER. In this Issue #2 of Poser, blood has been spilled, and the youth of the Redondo Beach punk scene are on high alert! As tensions rise, so do suspicions. Is there a copycat killer on the loose, or is there truth behind the sinister-slasher "urban legend" of Poser?

Includes an original soundtrack pressed to 7" blue and pink vinyl featuring all new music by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust!
  • All new multi-issue horror-comic book series
  • Includes original soundtrack by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust)
  • 7” Blue and Pink Swirl Colored Vinyl
  • Story by Matt Miner
  • Illustrated by Clay McCormack
  • Colors by Doug Garbark
  • Letters by Taylor Esposito
Poured Out '...To The Point Of Death'
2.Enslavement To The Substance
3.Silhouette Of Grief
4.Apathy | Nothing
8....and Gnashing Of Teeth
9.Remember Me
10.Fear Tactics
11.Humankind Suicide
12.To The Point Of Death
13.Victim Of My Own Hate
Rusty Eye ‎'Possessor'
Untitled Document
1.At The House By The Cemetery (Intro)
2.11.02 Day Of The Dead
3.Mondo Cane
4.The Serial Kind
5.Those Who Flee From The Sun
6.Wings Of A Demon
7.Malefice (Intermission)
8.Somnambulist Possession
9.Jerusalem Cricket Soufflé
10.The Entity (Ghostly Lust)
11.A Poisoned Letter
12.Mandragora Screams
13.Rituales de Sangre (Outro)
Saving Grace 'The Urgency'
2.Like A Trainwreck 
5.Horse Apples 
6.The Banks Of The Otara 
9.Anthem Of The Underground 
10.Temple Of The Snake 
11.The Man Who Painted The Pavement 
13.The Urgency
Sergeant Steel 'Best Of'
Untitled Document
1.Cry Out Your Heart, Baby
2.Dirty Habits
3.Happy Time (Love On Demand)
4.Where My Heart Is (Orchestra Version)
5.Chasing Love
6.Hot Widow
7.Mama Horny
8.Young And Hungry
9.Hammer Of Love
10.Give Me A Call
Skelator ‎'Cyber Metal'
Untitled Document
1.Cyber Samurai
2.Cast Iron
3.The Hammer
7.Seven Seas
8.Psychic Silver Wheels
Status Quo 'Collected' (2XLP)
Untitled Document
1.Pictures Of Matchstick Men 
2.Ice In The Sun 
3.Are You GrowingTired Of My Love 
4.Mean Girl 
6.Roll Over Lay Down (Live) 
7.Down Down 
9.Rockin' All Over The World 
10.Hold You Back 
11.Again And Again 
12.Whatever You Want 
13.Living On An Island 
14.What You're Proposing 
15.Rock 'N Roll 
16.Something 'Bout You Baby I Like 
17.Ol' Rag Blues 
18.The Wanderer 
19.Rollin' Home 
20.In The Army Now 
21.The Oriental 
22.Medley: The Anniversary Waltz (Part 1) 
23.I (Who Have Nothing) -The Spectres 
24.Almost But Not Quite There - Traffic Jam
Stranger Things 3 (Music From The Netflix Original Series) (+7")
Untitled Document
1.The WhoBaba O'Riley (ConfidentialMX Remix)
2.Howard JonesThings Can Only Get Better
3.MadonnaMaterial Girl
4.ForeignerCold As Ice
5.Patsy ClineShe’s Got You
6.John Cougar MellencampR.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. (A Salute To 60's Rock)
7.Pointer SistersNeutron Dance
8.REO SpeedwagonCan't Fight This Feeling
9.Wham!Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
10.“Weird Al” YankovicMy Bologna
11.The CarsMoving In Stereo
12.Corey HartNever Surrender
13Teena MarieLovergirl
14.Huey Lewis & The NewsWorkin' For A Livin'
15.Vera LynnWe'll Meet Again
AGaten Matarazzo And Gabriella PizzoloNever Ending Story (Upside)
BGaten Matarazzo And Gabriella PizzoloNever Ending Story (Downside)
The Beach Boys 'L.A. (Light Album)'
1. Good Timin'
2. Lady Lynda
3. Full Sail
4. Angel Come Home
5. Love Surrounds Me
6. Sumahama
7. Here Comes The Night
8. Baby Blue
9. Goin' South
10. Shortenin' Bread
The Dads 'Pretty Good' (7")
A1My Crass Patch
A2Can I Be Yr Deadbeat Boyfriend
B1Boat Rich
B2No We're Not Actually
The Early November 'Digital Age' (7")
ADigital Age

Transparent Green /500
Exclusively from The Early November bundle release of Imbue

The Hell 'Groovehammer'
  • 1. Take Me Out
  • 2. Old Jacks / New Jacks
  • 3. Groovehammer
  • 4. Everybody Dies
  • 5. Bangers & Mosh
  • 6. We Love Dicks
  • 7. Deal with It
  • 8. Check This Out
  • 9. Speed S*#t Up
  • 10. We Handle S*#t
  • 11. Battleship
  • 12. Snakes
  • 13. I'll Snap Your F*G Head Clean Off
The Movielife 'Cities In Search Of A Heart'
1.Ski Mask 
2.Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel 
3.Ghosts In The Photographs 
4.Sister Saint Monica 
5.Pour Two Glasses 
6.Lake Superior 
7.Laugh Ourselves To Death 
8.Blood Moon 
9.You're The Cure 
The Ossuary 'Southern Funeral'
Untitled Document
1.Walk Into Sepulchral Haze 
2.Maze Of No Return 
4.Southern Funeral 
5.Eternal Pyre 
6.Sleep Demon 
7.Under The Spell 
8.Shadow Of The Plague
Tombstalker 'Chaotic Devogtion' (7")
Untitled Document
1.Scared To Death 
2.Treads Of War
Tool 'Opiate' (EP)
Untitled Document
3.Part Of Me 
4.Cold And Ugly (Live) 
5.The Gaping Lotus Experience 
6.Jerk-Off (Live) 
Twiztid 'A Very Twiztid Christmas (7")
Untitled Document
1.Is Santa Dead? 
2.My Ornaments (Young Wicked Remix)
U2 'Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me' (12" Single)

1. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (The Gotham Experience Remix)
Featuring Gavin Friday, Régine Chassagne

2. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (The Original Mix)

Various Artists 'Tribute To Lemmy' (Clear Yellow Vinyl)
Untitled Document
1.DifenacumAce Of Spades
2.SicknessKilled By Death
3.AneurysmGrind 'N' Roll (Rock 'N' Roll)
4.Atrocitiy ExhibitionCivil War
5.Inhaler(We Are) The Road Crew
6.MortlächLove Me Like A reptile
7.Anorectal UlcerationIron Fist
8.SolinkorNo Voices In The Sky
9.Tulang RusukRock Out
11.Agent PatogenDevils In My Head
12.FilthpactAce Of Spades
While She Sleeps 'So What?'
Untitled Document
2.I've Seen It All 
4.So What? 
5.The Guilty Party 
6.Haunt Me 
8.Set You Free 
9.Good Grief 
10.Back Of My Mind 
11.Gates Of Paradise
Wilson 'Right To Rise' + Digital Download Card
Untitled Document
1.Right To Rise
2.Guilty (You're Already Dead)
4.Windows Down!
5.All My Friends
6.Satisfy Me
7.The Flood
8.Hang With The Devil
9.I Am The Fly
10.Give 'Em Hell
11.Waiting For The World To Cave In
12.Before I Burn
xLooking Forwardx 'The Path We Tread'
1.Disappearing Act 
2.You're Worth It 
3.The Path We Tread 
4.Not For Sale 
6.Agree To Disagree 
7.All Aces 
8.Heroes Of Your Revolution 
9.A Year From Now 
10.Displacement Theory 
11.For Those Who Believe 
12.Take Care 
13.Over And Over 
14.Each Step 
15.Waste Of Time 
16.Good Intentions 
17.I Ain't Mad At Cha 
18.Gimme Two Steps 
19.War Tells All
Zac Brown Band 'The Owl'
Untitled Document
1.The Woods
2.Need This
4.Someone I Used To Know
5.Me And The Boys In The Band
6.Finish What We Started (Featuring Brandi Carlile)
7.God Given
9.Shoofly Pie
10.Already On Fire
11.Leaving Love Behind
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