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(Hed) P. E. 'Forever!'
Untitled Document
2Pay Me 
5It's You 
7Jah Know 
8One Of A Kind 
9The Higher Crown 
13Ganja (Bonus Track)
(Hed) P. E. 'The D.I.Y. Guys' (CD/DVD)
Untitled Document
2.Not Dead Yet
3.Game Over
4.Peer Pressure
6.The Truth
8.Niteclub In Bali
9.Put Em Up
10.War On The Middle Class
11.Ordo AB Chao
13.Real Talk

The DVD portion of the set showcases the band in a behind the scenes look at everyday day life. It features skit-like performances of the band dealing with problems in their everyday tour life. The mockumentary, however, is scripted and is just meant for entertainment. The DVD portion also contains live footage of songs that are featured on the live CD portion of the set. It also contains three music videos that include, "Represent" from 'Only In Amerika', "Get Ready" from 'Back 2 Base X' and "Suffa" from 'Insomnia'.

AC/DC 'Live' (2XCD Collector's Edition)
Untitled Document
2.Shoot To Thrill 
3.Back In Black 
4.Sin City 
5.Who Made Who 
7.Fire Your Guns 
9.The Jack 
10.The Razors Edge 
11.Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 
13.Hells Bells 
14.Are You Ready 
15.That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll 
16.High Voltage 
17.You Shook Me All Night Long 
18.Whole Lotta Rosie 
19.Let There Be Rock 
21.Highway To Hell 
23.For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
Accept 'Balls To The Wall'
Untitled Document
1.Balls To The Wall 
2.London Leatherboys 
3.Fight It Back 
4.Head Over Heels 
5.Losing More Than You've Ever Had 
6.Love Child 
7.Turn Me On 
8.Losers And Winners 
9.Guardian Of The Night 
Accept 'Metal Heart'
Untitled Document
1.Metal Heart
2.Midnight Mover
3.Up To The Limit
4.Wrong Is Right
5.Screaming For A Love-Bite
6.Too High To Get It Right
7.Dogs On Leads
8.Teach Us To Survive
9.Living For Tonite
10.Bound To Fail
Ayreon '01011001'
Untitled Document
1. Age Of Shadows (Incl. We Are Forever)10:48
2. Comatose4:27
3. Liquid Eternity8:10
4. Connect The Dots4:13
5. Beneath The Waves8:27
Beneath The Waves
Face The Facts
But A Memory...
World Without Walls
Reality Bleeds
6. Newborn Race7:50
The Incentive
The Vision
The Procedure
Another Life
Newborn Race
The Conclusion
7. Ride The Comet3:29
8. Web Of Lies2:50
9. The Fifth Extinction10:30
Glimmer Of Hope
World Of Tomorrow Dreams
Collision Course
From The Ashes
Glimmer Of Hope (reprise)
10. Waking Dreams6:32
11. The Truth Is In Here5:12
13. Unnatural Selection7:16
14. River Of Time4:25
15. E=MC²5:50
16. The Sixth Extinction12:19
Echoes On The Wind
Radioactive Grave
To The Planet Of Red
Spirit On The Win
Complete The Circle

Bruce Dickinson ‎– 'Tattooed Millionaire' (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)
Untitled Document1. Son Of A Gun
2. Tattooed Millionaire
3. Born In '58
4. Hell On Wheels
5. Gypsy Road
6. Dive! Dive! Dive!
7. All The Young Dudes
8. Lickin' The Gun
9. Zulu Lulu
10. No Lies
11. Spirit Of Joy
12. Darkness Be My Friend
13. Sin City
14. Winds Of Change
15. Riding With The Angels (Live)
Dio 'Holy Diver'
Untitled Document
1.Stand Up And Shout 
2.Straight Trough The Heart 
4.Caught In The Middle 
5.Don't Talk To Strangers 
6.Holy Diver 
8.Rainbow In The Dark 
9.Shame On The Night
Dio 'Killing The Dragon' (Two Disc Deluxe Edition)
Untitled Document

1. Killing The Dragon
2. Along Comes A Spider
3. Scream
4. Better In The Dark
5. Rock And Roll
6. Push
7. Guilty
8. Throw Away Children
9. Before The Fall
10. Cold Feet

Disc 2 - Bonus / Live On 'Killing The Dragon Tour' 2002/2003

1. Holy Diver
2. Heaven And Hell
3. Rock And Roll
4. I Speed At Night
5. Killing The Dragon
6. Stand Up And Shout

Huntress 'Static'
Untitled Document
4.I Want To Wanna Wake Up 
6.Four Blood Moons 
8.Harsh Times On Planet Stoked 
9.Noble Savage 
10.Fire In My Heart 
11.Black Tongue
Hydrogyn 'Redemption'
Untitled Document
2.My Redemption
3.Tail Spin
4.Devil God Devil
6.Break In Two
7.Down In Flames
8.Hey Ho
9.In The End
Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds 'Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds'
Untitled Document
1.Somebody Knockin'
2.Pressure Drop
3.Time Gone By
4.Shuffle It All
5.Bucket O' Trouble
6.How Much
7.Train Tracks
8.How Will It Go
9.Cuttin' The Rug
10.Take A Look At The Guy
11.Come On Now Inside
Reduced Price
Jet 'Shine On' (Deluxe Edition)
Untitled Document
1.L'Esprit D'Escalier
3.Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
4.Bring It On Back
5.That's All Lies
6.Hey Kids
7.Kings Horses
8.Shine On
9.Come On Come On
10.Stand Up
11.Rip It Up
12.Skin And Bones
13.Shiny Magazine
15.All You Have To Do
Bonus Tracks
16.Snap Your Fingers (Barbados Demo)
17.This Night Is Yours
Joe Satriani 'Super Colossal'
Untitled Document
1.Super Colossal 
2.Just Like Lightnin' 
3.It's So Good 
4.Redshift Riders 
5.Ten Words 
6.A Cool New Way 
7.One Robot's Dream 
8.The Meaning Of Love 
9.Made Of Tears 
10.Theme For A Strange World 
11.Movin' On 
12.A Love Eternal 
13.Crowd Chant
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Journey 'Eclipse' (Import)
Untitled Document
1.City Of Hope
2.Edge Of The Moment
3.Chain Of Love
5.Anything Is Possible
7.She's A Mystery
8.Human Feel
10.To Whom It May Concern
13.Don't Stop Believin' (Bonus Track) (Live)
Reduced Price
Judas Priest 'Redeemer Of Souls'
Untitled Document
2.Redeemer Of Souls 
3.Halls Of Valhalla 
4.Sword Of Damocles 
5.March Of The Damned 
6.Down In Flames 
7.Hell & Back 
8.Cold Blooded 
11.Secrets Of The Dead 
12.Battle Cry 
13.Beginning Of The End
Luke Bryan 'Born Here Live Here Die Here'
Untitled Document
1.Knockin' Boots 
2.What She Wants Tonight 
3.Born Here Live Here Die Here 
4.One Margarita 
5.Too Drunk To Drive 
6.Build Me A Daddy 
7.Little Less Broken 
8.For A Boat 
9.Where Are We Goin' 
10.Down To One
Megadeth 'Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good!' (Remastered/Bonus Tracks)
Untitled Document
1.Last Rites / Loved To Deth 
2.Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! 
3.The Skull Beneath The Skin 
5.Chosen Ones 
6.Looking Down The Cross 
8.These Boots 
Bonus Tracks
9.Last Rites / Loved To Deth (Demo) 
10.Mechanix (Demo) 
11.The Skull Beneath The Skin (Demo)
Metal Church 'From The Vault'
Untitled Document
New Studio Tracks
1.Dead On The Vine 
2.For No Reason 
3.Conductor (Redux) 
4.Above The Madness 
B-Side Tracks From The 'Damned If You Do' Sessions
5.Mind Thief 
6.Tell Lie Vision 
7.False Flag 
8.Insta Mental 
Cover Songs From The Vault
10.Please Don't Judas Me 
11.Green Eyed Lady 
12.Black Betty 
Live Tracks From The Vault
13.Agent Green (Live In Japan) 
14.Anthem To The Estranged (Live In Japan)
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Save The Clock Tower 'Wasteland' (Import)
Untitled Document
1.Swan's Song
2.A Pale Horse
4.At The Bottom Of A Bottle
5.Isolate; Recreate
6.To The Dreamer
8.The Beautiful Lie
9.The Way We Were
10.These Diseases
11.Hope, Sweet Home
Reduced Price
Sergeant Steel 'Lovers & Maniacs'
Untitled Document
1.Hammer Of Love3:16
2.Chasing Love3:29
3.Looking For An Angel5:05
4.Still In Love5:34
5.Taking The World By Storm4:29
6.Seizin' The Crown3:47
7.Love Hurtz4:11
8.High On Life4:31
9.Miss U Tonite4:33
10.Nuts Of Steel
Sergeant Steel 'Men On A Mission'
Untitled Document
1.Gods Of Love 
2.Mama Horny 
3.Sweet 16 
4.Don't Give It Up 
5.Man On A Mission 
6.Cry Out Your Heart, Baby! 
7.Born To Lose (Live To Win) 
8.Wannabe Outlaw 
9.Some Girls Are Ladies 
10.Taker Of My Heart 
11.Give Me A Call 
12.Give Me A Call (Reprise)
Sergeant Steel 'Riders Of The Worm'
Untitled Document
1.Happy Time (Love On Demand)
2.Dirty Habits
3.Silver Spoon (Featuring Kane Roberts)
4.Where My Heart Is
5.Young And Hungry (Featuring Mark Slaughter)
6.Only Good Girls (Love A Rock 'n' Roll Boy)
7.Hot Widow
8.Mr. Right
9.Can't Take My Hands
10.Rock 'n' Roll Highway
12.Promised Land
13.Trouble Maker
Simple Plan 'MTV Hard Rock Live'
Untitled Document
1.Shut Up!
3.The Worst Day Ever
5.Me Against The World
7.God Must Hate Me
8.Thank You
9.Welcome To My Life
10.I'm Just A Kid
11.I'd Do Anything
12.Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?)
14.Crazy (Acoustic Version)
Reduced Price
Sky City 'Going...Gone'
Untitled Document
1.6 Days To Go 
2.Waiting In Virginia 
3.Can't Look Back 
4.That's How Much I Love You 
6.Falling Down Again 
7.See The Lights 
8.Walk Alone 
9.Sixty Six 
10.Nowhere To Be Found 
11.Love Can't Fail 
The Vaine 'It's A Disease' (Autographed)
Untitled Document
1Scarecrow: The Beginning
2Aim And Fire
3Sounds Of The Mary Celeste
4If No News, Start Rumours
5Oh Oh Chontelle!
6By The Hand Of The Butcher
7The Scarecrow Speaks In Rhyme
8Damage In The Waiting Room
9March Of Bastille
11Love And Monsters
12(Bee)n Stalking Jaque
13We Are Heroes
The Winery Dogs 'The Winery Dogs'
Untitled Document
3.We Are One 
4.I'm No Angel 
5.The Other Side 
6.You Saved Me 
7.Not Hopeless 
8.One More Time 
10.Six Feet Deeper 
11.Time Machine 
12.The Dying 
Trapt 'DNA' (Autographed)
Untitled Document
2.Human (Like The Rest Of Us) 
3.It's Over 
4.Tangled Up In You 
5.Changing Hands 
9.Not So Different 
11.Getting Even 
12.Fallen Angel 
13.Panic Room 
14.Chasing Highs 
15.Human (Like The Rest Of Us) (Acoustic) 
16.Tangled Up In You (Acoustic) 
17.Passenger (Acoustic) 
18.Castaway (Acoustic)
Reduced Price
Usher 'Here I Stand'
Untitled Document
2.Love In This Club
3.This Ain't Sex
4.Trading Places
5.Moving Mountains
6.What's Your Name
7.Prayer For You (Interlude)
8.Something Special
9.Love You Gently
10.Best Thing
11.Before I Met You
12.His Mistakes
14.What's A Man To Do
16.Love In This Club Part II
17.Here I Stand
18.Will Work For Love
Warface 'Insanity Of The Obsessed'
Untitled Document
1.Judgement Defiles 
2.Fatal Inequity 
3.Full Term Refuse 
4.Insanity Of The Obsessed 
5.Suppression Of Heresy 
6.Fragmented Salvation 
7.Climatic Annihilation 
8.Out Of Death 
Weezer 'Ok Human'
Untitled Document
1.All My Favorite Songs 
2.Aloo Gobi 
3.Grapes Of Wrath 
5.Playing My Piano 
6.Mirror Image 
8.Bird With A Broken Wing 
9.Dead Roses 
10.Everything Happens For A Reason 
11.Here Comes The Rain 
12.La Brea Tar Pits
Wolf Hoffmann 'Headbangers Symphony'
Untitled Document
2.Night On Bald Mountain 
3.Je Crois Entendre Encore 
4.Double Cello Concerto In G Minor 
6.Symphony No.40 
7.Swan Lake 
8.Madame Butterfly 
11.Air On The G String
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