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(Hed) P. E. 'Forever!'
Untitled Document
2Pay Me 
5It's You 
7Jah Know 
8One Of A Kind 
9The Higher Crown 
13Ganja (Bonus Track)
(Hed) P. E. 'The D.I.Y. Guys' (CD/DVD)
Untitled Document
2.Not Dead Yet
3.Game Over
4.Peer Pressure
6.The Truth
8.Niteclub In Bali
9.Put Em Up
10.War On The Middle Class
11.Ordo AB Chao
13.Real Talk

The DVD portion of the set showcases the band in a behind the scenes look at everyday day life. It features skit-like performances of the band dealing with problems in their everyday tour life. The mockumentary, however, is scripted and is just meant for entertainment. The DVD portion also contains live footage of songs that are featured on the live CD portion of the set. It also contains three music videos that include, "Represent" from 'Only In Amerika', "Get Ready" from 'Back 2 Base X' and "Suffa" from 'Insomnia'.

Alcatrazz 'The Official Bootleg Box Set 1983 - 1986' (Box Set) (Used)
Untitled Document

Disc: 1

  1. Too Drunk to Live, Too Young to Die (Excerpt)
  2. Hiroshima Mon Amour
  3. Big Foot
  4. Island in the Sun
  5. Kree Nakoorie
  6. Guitar Solo
  7. Since You Been Gone
  8. Suffer Me
  9. Desert Song
  10. Jet to Jet
  11. All Night Long
  12. Lost in Hollywood
  13. L9 (Instrumental Demo)
  14. Stand By Me #1 (Instrumental Demo)
  15. Undercover (Writing Demo)
  16. Double Man (Instrumental Rough Demo)

Disc: 2

  1. Too Drunk to Live, Too Young to Die/Big Foot
  2. Island in the Sun
  3. Kree Nakoorie
  4. Guitar Solo
  5. Since You Been Gone
  6. Suffer Me
  7. Desert Song
  8. Jet to Jet
  9. Evil Eye
  10. All Night Long
  11. Lost in Hollywood
  12. Dangerous Games (Instrumental Rough Demo, 1985)
  13. Danny & Jimmy (Instrumental Demo #1,1985)
  14. Danny & Jimmy (Instrumental Demo #2,1985)
  15. Undercover (Background-Vocal Take, 1985)

Disc: 3

  1. Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live
  2. Hiroshima Mon Amour
  3. Big Foot
  4. Island in the Sun

Disc: 4

  1. Kree Nakoorie
  2. Guitar Solo
  3. Suffer Me (Excerpt)
  4. Desert Song
  5. All Night Long
  6. The Witchwood (Instrumental Demo, 1985)
  7. Writing Ideas for Dangerous Games (Tape 01) (1985)
  8. Writing Ideas for Dangerous Games (Tape 02) (1985)
  9. Kree Nakoorie
  10. Starrcarr Lane
  11. Island in the Sun
  12. Big Foot
  13. Hiroshima Mon Amour
  14. General Hospital
  15. Incubus
  16. Suffer Me
  17. Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live
  18. Jet to Jet
  19. Jet to Jet #1
  20. Jet to Jet #2
  21. Jet to Jet #3
  22. Kree Nakoorie
  23. Starrcarr Lane
  24. Hiroshima Mon Amour

Disc: 5

  1. Jet to Jet
  2. Kree Nakoorie
  3. Starrcarr Lane
  4. Hiroshima Mon Amour
  5. Island in the Sun
  6. Big Foot #1
  7. Big Foot #2
  8. Big Foot #3
  9. Kree Nakoorie (Another Rehearsal 02, 1983)
  10. Unreleased Song
  11. Incubus
  12. Suffer Me (With Graham Vocal) (Another Rehearsal 02, 1983)
  13. S.O.S. (Lawrence Juber, Guitar) & Robert Williams, Drums Audition)
  14. S.O.S. (Jon Hyde Audition)
  15. Double Man (Instrumental 24 Track Studio Demo)

Disc: 6

  1. You Can't Take the Rock Out of Roll (Danny Johnson Vocals)
  2. Rockin' Idea (Instrumental 24 Track Studio Demo)
  3. Ghostly Idea (Jimmy & Graham Musical Idea)
  4. Atmospheric Idea (Danny & Jimmy Demo)
  5. Fast Idea (Danny & Jimmy Demo)
  6. Mid-Tempo Idea (Danny & Jimmy Demo)
  7. Another Mid-Tempo Idea (With Graham Vocal Idea Intro)
  8. Another Rockin Idea (Danny & Jimmy Demo)
  9. Floaty Idea (Danny & Jimmy Demo)
  10. Please Call Me (Instrumental Demo)
  11. Slow Idea (Danny & Jimmy Demo)
  12. Stand By Me #2 (Instrumental Demo)
  13. Blue Boar (Intrumental Demo Take #2)
  14. Dangerous Games (Instrumental 24 Track Studio Demo)
  15. Ohayo Tokyo (Instrumental Demo)
  16. Set Me Free (Instrumental Demo Take #5)
  17. Undercover (Instrumental Demo #2)
  18. Undercover (Instrumental Demo #3)
  19. Rider (Instrumental Demo #2)
  20. The Witchwood/Christmas Greeting
  21. Jimmy Waldo Idea (Jimmy Waldo Demo)
  22. Synth Idea (Jimmy & Graham Musical Idea)
  23. Graham... Am I Fired Too

Ankla 'Steep Trails (Digipak)
Untitled Document
2.Step Ahead
4.Seasons Never Change
5.Generacion Mutante
6.Still Alive
7.Suelta El Ankla
8.Your Grace Makes Me Sick
11.Scattered Existence
12.Steep Trails
Arc Angels 'Living In A Dream' (CD/DVD)
Untitled Document
1.Paradise Cafe
2.Carry Me On
3.The Famous Jane
4.Good Time
5.She's Alright
6.Always Believed In You
7.Sent By Angels
8.Crave And Wonder
10.See What Tomorrow Brings
11.Shape I'm In
12.Living In A Dream
13.Too Many Ways To Fall
14.Crave And Wonder
15.What I'm Looking For
16.Too Many People
17.Spanish Moon
Bonded By Blood 'Feed The Beast' (2XCD)
Untitled Document
1.Immortal Life 
2.Feed The Beast 
3.Psychotic Pulse 
5.Mind Pollution 
6.Another Disease 
7.The Evil Within 
8.Tormenting Voices 
9.Civil Servant 
10.Self Immolation 
12.Theme From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
Limited Edition Bonus CD
1.Severe Violation 
2.Unusual Punishment
Butcher Babies 'Take It Like A Man'
Untitled Document
1.Monsters Ball 
3.The Cleansing 
4.The Butcher 
6.Thrown Away 
7.Never Go Back 
9.Blood Soaked Hero 
10.Dead Man Walking 
11.For The Fight 
12.Blonde Girls All Look The Same
Candiria '300 Percent Desnity'
Untitled Document1. 300 Percent Density
2. Signs Of Discontent
3. Without Water
4. Mass
5. Constant Velocity Is As Natural As Being At Rest
6. Words From The Lexicon
7. Channeling Elements
8. Advancing Positions
9. The Obvious Destination
10. Contents Under Pressure
11. Opposing Meter
Deicide 'The Stench Of Redemption'
Untitled Document
1.The Stench Of Redemption
2.Death To Jesus
4.Crucified For The Innocence
5.Walk With The Devil In Dreams You Behold
6.Homage For Satan
7.Not Of This Earth
8.Never To Be Seen Again
9.The Lord's Sedition
10.Black Night
Diecast 'Internal Revolution'
Untitled Document
1.Internal Revolution 
2.Never Forget 
6.Fade Away 
7.Out Of Reach 
9.Nothing I Could Say 
10.Definition Of A Hero 
11.The Coldest Rain
Evil Dead: The Musical (Original Cast Recording)
Untitled Document
1.Book Of The Dead
2.Cabin In The Woods
3.Stupid Bitch
4.Housewares Employee
5.Evil Trees
6.It Want Let Us Leave
7.Look Who's Evil Now
8.What The Fuck Was That?
9.Join Us
10.Good Old Reliable Jake (Intro)
11.Good Old Reliable Jake
12.Housewares Employee (Reprise)
13.Death Is A Bitch
14.I'm Not A Killer
15.Evil Puns
16.Bit Part Demon
17.Good..Bad.. I'm The Guy With The Gun
18.All The Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons
19.Ode To An Accidental Stabbing
21.Do The Necronomicon
22.It's Time
23.We Will Never Die
25.Blew That Bitch Away

Exodus 'Another Lesson In Violence'
Untitled Document
1.Bonded By Blood
3.Pleasures Of The Flesh
4.And Then There Were None
6.Seeds Of Hate
7.Deliver Us To Evil
8.Brain Dead
9.No Love
10.A Lesson In Violence
12.Strike Of The Beast
Faith No More 'King For A Day...Fool For A Lifetime' (2XCD)
Untitled Document
1.Get Out (2016 Remastered Version) 
2.Ricochet (2016 Remastered Version) 
3.Evidence (2016 Remastered Version) 
4.The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies (2016 Remastered Version) 
5.Star A.D. (2016 Remastered Version) 
6.Cuckoo For Caca (2016 Remastered Version) 
7.Caralho Voador (2016 Remastered Version) 
8.Ugly In The Morning (2016 Remastered Version) 
9.Digging The Grave (2016 Remastered Version) 
10.Take This Bottle (2016 Remastered Version) 
11.King For A Day (2016 Remastered Version) 
12.What A Day (2016 Remastered Version) 
13.The Last To Know (2016 Remastered Version) 
14.Just A Man (2016 Remastered Version) 
 Bonus Disc 
1.Evidence (Version En Español; 2016 Remastered Version) 
2.Absolute Zero (2016 Remastered Version) 
3.Greenfields (2016 Remastered Version) 
4.I Started A Joke (2016 Remastered Version) 
5.Spanish Eyes (2016 Remastered Version) 
6.I Won't Forget You (2016 Remastered Version) 
7.Hippie Jam Song (2016 Remastered Version) 
8.Instrumental (2016 Remastered Version) 
9.I Wanna Fuck Myself (2016 Remastered Version) 
10.Evidence (Versão Em Português; 2016 Remastered Version) 
11.Digging The Grave (Live; 2016 Remastered Version) 
12.The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies (Live; (2016 Remastered Version) 
13.Interview (2016 Remastered Version)
Fear Factory 'Transgression' (DualDisc)
Untitled Document
1.540,000° Fahrenheit 
3.Spinal Compression 
5.Empty Vision 
6.Echo Of My Scream 
8.New Promise 
9.I Will Follow 
11.Moment Of Impact 
1.540,000° Fahrenheit
3.Spinal Compression
5.Empty Vision
6.Echo Of My Scream
8.New Promise
9.I Will Follow
11.Moment Of Impact
Making Of Transgression
Music Videos
16.Spinal Compression
17.Moment Of Impact
Gama Bomb 'Citizen Brain' (CD/DVD)
Untitled Document
1.Zombie Blood Nightmare
2.Evil Voices
3.Final Fight
4.Time Crime
5.Global Warning
7.Hammer Slammer
8.Sentenced To Thrash
9.Zombi Brew
10.Hell Trucker
11.Return Of The Technodrome
13.In The Court Of General Zod
14.Space Invaders
15.Bullet Belt
Bonus DVD
1.Massive Carryout: Drinking Citizens' Brains'
Girl On Fire 'Revenge' (EP)
Untitled Document
2.Tragic Ending 
4.Secret Lies 
5.Close Your Eyes
Gynger Lynn 'Baby's Gone Bad'
Untitled Document
1.Take Me Away
2.Need To Know
3.Baby's All Talk
4.Along The Way
5.Yes It's True
6.Need A Little Love
7.Goin' Home
9.Lonely Lonely
10.Never Find A Better Girl
11.Wanna Be Your Lover
12.The Chance
13.Stay With Me
14.Baby's Gone Bad
15.Way Of The World
16.Bad Luck
Gynger Lynn 'Gynger Lynn'
Untitled Document
  1. Dirty
  2. Reasons Why
  3. One and Only
  4. My My Lisa
  5. Why Is It Over
  6. On My Way
  7. Tell the World
  8. In My Heart
  9. Wanna Be Your Lover
  10. I Love the Lights
  11. Arms Around You
  12. Love
Hammerfall 'Steel Meets Steel: Ten Years Of Glory' (2XCD)
Untitled Document
1.The Abyss 
2.Last Man Standing 
3.HammerFall V2.0.07 
4.The Dragon Lies Bleeding 
5.Steel Meets Steel 
6.Glory To The Brave 
7.Heeding The Call 
8.At The End Of The Rainbow 
9.Legacy Of Kings 
10.Let The Hammer Fall (Live) 
11.Templars Of Steel 
13.Always Will Be 
14.Keep The Flame Burning 
15.Riders Of The Storm 
16.Hearts On Fire 
17.Crimson Thunder 
18.Hero's Return 
19.Blood Bound 
21.Fury Of The Wild 
22.Never, Ever 
24.Natural High 
25.Dark Wings, Dark Words 
26.The Fire Burns Forever 
27.Restless Soul 
28.The Metal Age - Live 
29.Stone Cold - Live 
VideoHammerFall V2.0.07 (Rough Mix Version)
High Noon 'No Turning Back'
Untitled Document
1.High Noon
2.Bad Moon Risin'
3.Rude Boy
4.Don't Come Running
5.Have My Heart
6.Skatin' On Thin Ice
7.When The Night Calls
8.Just LIke A Woman
9.Who Do You Think You Are?
10.Around Midnight
11.Faith Home And Love
12.Bed Of Lies
13.Weight Of The World
14.House Of Glass
Hydrogyn 'Redemption'
Untitled Document01. Fixir
02. My Redemption
03. Tail Spin
04. Devil God Devil
05. Suffering
06. Break in Two
07. Down In Flames
08. Hey Ho
09. In The End
10. Jenny
Iced Earth 'Live In Ancient Kourion' (Blu-Ray, CD, DVD)
Untitled Document
3.Burning Times
4.Angel's Holocaust
5.Slave To The Dark
7.When The Night Falls
8.I Died For You
9.Invasion / Motivation Of Man
10.Setian Massacre
12.Pure Evil
14.Dark City
16.Ten Thousand Strong
18.Declaration Day
19.Days Of Rage
21.In Sacred Flames
22.Boiling Point
24.Watching Over Me
25.Dante's Inferno
26.Iced Earth
27.The Hunter
In This Moment 'Blood Special Edition' (CD/DVD)
1.Rise With Me
5.You're Gonna Listen
6.It Is Written
10.From The Ashes
11.Beast Within
13.The Blood Legion
15.Closer (Bonus Track)
Blood At The Orpheum Live (DVD)
1.It Is Written
2.Rise With Me
5.Beast Within
6.Beautiful Tragedy
7.Into The Light
8.The Blood Legion
Lullacry 'Vol. 4'
Untitled Document
1.Perfect Tonight 
2.Love, Lust, Desire 
3.Fire Within 
4.Stranger In You 
5.Heart Shaped Scars 
6.Soul In Half 
7.Killing Time 
8.I Want You 
9.King Of Pain 
Metal Church 'From The Vault'
Untitled Document
New Studio Tracks
1.Dead On The Vine 
2.For No Reason 
3.Conductor (Redux) 
4.Above The Madness 
B-Side Tracks From The 'Damned If You Do' Sessions
5.Mind Thief 
6.Tell Lie Vision 
7.False Flag 
8.Insta Mental 
Cover Songs From The Vault
10.Please Don't Judas Me 
11.Green Eyed Lady 
12.Black Betty 
Live Tracks From The Vault
13.Agent Green (Live In Japan) 
14.Anthem To The Estranged (Live In Japan)
Moon Madness 'All In Between'
Untitled Document
1.On The Air 
2.Stroke Of Midnight 
3.Shot Through The Wing 
5.Before It's Too Late 
6.Too Much To Lose 
7.Ain't No Angel 
8.Victims Of The Moon 
10.On The Edge Of Madness
Pistol Dawn 'Conversation Piece'
Untitled Document
  1. Conversation Piece
  2. Message In A Bottle
  3. Dreams Come True
  4. Be My Girl
  5. Hard Way
  6. Gone Away
  7. Stocks And Blonds
  8. Still Running Wild
  9. Talk Of The Town
  10. Wish Upon A Star
Placebo 'Battle For The Sun'
Untitled Document
1.Kitty Litter 
2.Ashtray Heart 
3.Battle For The Sun 
4.For What It’s Worth 
5.Devil In The Details 
6.Bright Lights 
7.Speak In Tongues 
8.The Never-Ending Why 
10.Happy You're Gone 
11.Breathe Underwater 
12.Come Undone 
13.Kings Of Medicine
Powerflo 'Powerflo'
Untitled Document
1.My M.O.
3.Where I Stay
4.Crushing That
5.Less Than A Human
6.The Grind


Victim Of Circumstance
8.Made It This Way
9.Finish The Game


Up And Out Of Me
11.Start A War
Protest The Hero 'Gallop Meets The Earth' (CD/DVD)
Untitled Document
1.Sequoia Throne
2.No Stars Over Bethlehem
4.The Dissentience
5.Palms Read
6.Blindfolds Aside
7.Goddess Bound
8.Goddess Gagged
11.Limb From Limb
2.Sequoia Throne
3.No Stars Over Bethlehem
6.The Dissentience
8.Palms Read
9.Blindfolds Aside
11.Goddess Bound
12.Goddess Gagged
15.Limb From Limb
17.Spoils Music Video
18.Road Footage
19.Golden Gods
Sabaton 'Swedish Empire Live' (CD/DVD)
Untitled Document
1.The March To War
2.Ghost Division
4.Gott Mit Uns (Eng)
5.Cliffs Of Gallipoli
6.Lion From The North
7.Price Of A Mile
8.Into The Fire
9.Carolus Rex (Eng)
11.White Death
12.Attero Dominatus
13.Art Of War
14.Primo Victoria
16.Metal Crüe
1.The March To War
2.Ghost Division
4.Gott Mit Uns (Eng)
5.Cliffs Of Gallipoli
6.Lion From The North
7.Price Of A Mile
8.Into The Fire
9.Carolus Rex (Eng)
11.White Death
12.Attero Dominatus
13.Art Of War
14.Primo Victoria
16.Metal Crüe
17.Panzer Battalion
Swedish Empire Tour Compilation
18.March To War (Gothenburg)
19.Ghost Division (Gothenburg)
20.Gott Mit Uns (Oberhausen)
21.Poltava (London)
22.Talvisota (London)
23.Cliffs Of Gallipoli (Gothenburg)
24.40:1 (Oberhausen)
25.Swedish Pagans (Oberhausen)
26.Caroleans Prayer (London)
27.Lion From The North (London)
28.The Hammer Has Fallen (Gothenburg)
29.Attero Dominatus (Oberhausen)
30.Art Of War (London)
31.En Livistid I Krig (Gothenburg)
32.Primo Victoria (Oberhausen)
33.Metal Crüe (Gothenburg)
34.The Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity Foundation
Sergeant Steel 'Lovers & Maniacs'
Untitled Document
1.Hammer Of Love3:16
2.Chasing Love3:29
3.Looking For An Angel5:05
4.Still In Love5:34
5.Taking The World By Storm4:29
6.Seizin' The Crown3:47
7.Love Hurtz4:11
8.High On Life4:31
9.Miss U Tonite4:33
10.Nuts Of Steel
Sergeant Steel 'Men On A Mission'
Untitled Document
1.Gods Of Love 
2.Mama Horny 
3.Sweet 16 
4.Don't Give It Up 
5.Man On A Mission 
6.Cry Out Your Heart, Baby! 
7.Born To Lose (Live To Win) 
8.Wannabe Outlaw 
9.Some Girls Are Ladies 
10.Taker Of My Heart 
11.Give Me A Call 
12.Give Me A Call (Reprise)
Sergeant Steel 'Riders Of The Worm'
Untitled Document
1.Happy Time (Love On Demand)
2.Dirty Habits
3.Silver Spoon (Featuring Kane Roberts)
4.Where My Heart Is
5.Young And Hungry (Featuring Mark Slaughter)
6.Only Good Girls (Love A Rock 'n' Roll Boy)
7.Hot Widow
8.Mr. Right
9.Can't Take My Hands
10.Rock 'n' Roll Highway
12.Promised Land
13.Trouble Maker
Spider Rockets 'Ever After'
Untitled Document
1.Too Far
4.Something More
5.Facing Fear
6.Reasons For Deceit
7.What I Want
8.Helter Skelter
The Doors 'A Collection' (Box Set) (Used)
Untitled Document
The Doors
1. Break On Through (To The Other Side) 
2. Soul Kitchen 
3. The Crystal Ship 
4. Twentieth Century Fox 
5. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) 
6. Light My Fire 
7. Back Door Man 
8. I Looked At You 
9. End Of The Night 
10. Take It As It Comes 
11. The End 
Strange Days
1. Strange Days 
2. You're Lost Little Girl 
3. Love Me Two Times 
4. Unhappy Girl 
5. Horse Latitudes 
6. Moonlight Drive 
7. People Are Strange 
8. My Eyes Have Seen You 
9. I Can't See Your Face In My Mind 
10. When The Music's Over 
Waiting For The Sun
1. Hello, I Love You 
2. Love Street 
3. Not To Touch The Earth 
4. Summer's Almost Gone 
5. Wintertime Love 
6. The Unknown Soldier 
7. Spanish Caravan 
8. My Wild Love 
9. We Could Be So Good Together 
10. Yes, The River Knows 
11. Five To One 
The Soft Parade
1. Tell All The People 
2. Touch Me 
3. Shaman's Blues 
4. Do It 
5. Easy Ride 
6. Wild Child 
7. Runnin' Blue 
8. Wishful Sinful 
9. The Soft Parade 
Morrison Hotel
1. Roadhouse Blues 
2. Waiting For The Sun 
3. You Make Me Real 
4. Peace Frog 
5. Blue Sunday 
6. Ship Of Fools 
7. Land Ho! 
8. The Spy 
9. Queen Of The Highway 
10. Indian Summer 
11. Maggie M'Gill 
L.A. Woman
1. The Changeling 
2. Love Her Madly 
3. Been Down So Long 
4. Cars Hiss By My Window 
5. L.A. Woman 
6. L'America 
7. Hyacinth House 
8. Crawling King Snake 
9. The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) 
10. Riders On The Storm 
The Vaine 'It's A Disease' (Autographed)
Untitled Document
1Scarecrow: The Beginning
2Aim And Fire
3Sounds Of The Mary Celeste
4If No News, Start Rumours
5Oh Oh Chontelle!
6By The Hand Of The Butcher
7The Scarecrow Speaks In Rhyme
8Damage In The Waiting Room
9March Of Bastille
11Love And Monsters
12(Bee)n Stalking Jaque
13We Are Heroes
The Winery Dogs 'The Winery Dogs'
Untitled Document
3.We Are One 
4.I'm No Angel 
5.The Other Side 
6.You Saved Me 
7.Not Hopeless 
8.One More Time 
10.Six Feet Deeper 
11.Time Machine 
12.The Dying 
Todd Rundgren 'Arena'
Untitled Document
Vintersorg ‎'Till Fjälls Del II' (2XCD)
Untitled Document
Till Fjälls Del II
2.En Väldig Isvidds Karga Dräkt 
4.Fjällets Mäktiga Mur 
5.Obygdens Pionjär 
7.Tusenåriga Stråk 
8.Allt Mellan Himmel Och Jord 
Tillbaka Till Källorna
1.Tillbaka Till Källorna 
2.Köldens Borg 
4.Svart Måne
Warface 'Insanity Of The Obsessed'
Untitled Document
1.Judgement Defiles 
2.Fatal Inequity 
3.Full Term Refuse 
4.Insanity Of The Obsessed 
5.Suppression Of Heresy 
6.Fragmented Salvation 
7.Climatic Annihilation 
8.Out Of Death 
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